Frank Henenlotter, born 1950, is an American screenwriter, director, and film historian. He is known primarily for his horror-comedies, though he would prefer to be classified as an "exploitation" filmmaker (rather than horror). "I never felt that I made ‘horror films’, he has said. "I always felt that I made exploitation films. Exploitation films have an attitude more than anything – an attitude that you don’t find with mainstream Hollywood productions. They’re a little ruder, a little raunchier, they deal with material people don’t usually touch on, whether it’s sex or drugs or rock and roll."

Henenlotter's films were inspired by the exploitation and sexploitation films he loved, the kind which played on 42nd Street in New York City in the 1960's and '70's. His films were low-budget, and filled with gore and special-effects. They were considered by many to be B-movies, but they also turned the conventions of these films upon themselves. Although many of his films are somewhat obscure, his most well-known are Basket CaseBrain Damage, and Frankenhooker.  

Henenlotter has also collected many old low-budget sexploitation and exploitation films, such as the camp classic, The Curious Dr. Humpp (1971). Some films from his collection are available on Something Weird Video